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A unique drug delivery system has been developed

A research team led by chemical engineer Robert Langer, as well as gastroenterologist and biomedicist Giovanni Traverso, came up with this system during the search for effective solutions for a sustained release drug delivery system that can be used to treat infectious diseases.

The team has designed a capsule that, after swallowing, unfolds in the shape of a star with six angles as soon as it reaches the stomach. Due to the balance of size, shape, chemical and mechanical properties, the “star” can persist in the stomach for several weeks. Each angle contains a drug substance that is released at a given rate. After finishing its work, the "star" is degraded and excreted naturally through the intestines.

However, in practice, this system encountered a lot of restrictions, primarily due to its low capacity. So the researchers have developed the “medicine on the reel” system with silicone, which can hold and release at least 10 grams of the drug for one month. All tablets on the reel simultaneously release a given amount of the drug into the stomach. When the reel is used up its entire supply of drugs, it will also be excreted naturally through the intestines.