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Hallucinations can be the sign of vision deterioration but not brain deterioration.

If you see ghosts, do not hurry to contact a psychiatrist or an exorcist. Probably you just lose your eyesight, The Daily Mail reports. According to ophthalmologists, such hallucinations are the symptom of rare syndrome. It is known that macular degeneration, cataracts and glaucoma lead to loss of peripheral vision. But sometimes they are caused by Charles Bonnet syndrome characterized by hallucinations.

On the background of the loss of peripheral vision, the brain tries to compensate a failure in the flow of incoming information. And sometimes the brain fills the gaps with not entirely related things to what it saw. Therefore, about 50% of people with macular degeneration someday may face with hallucinations such as points, abstract shapes or more specific and detailed images.

Hallucinations may persist for several hours, and there is no medicine for them. Many patients are afraid to tell about the presence of hallucinations for fear of being declared as insane people or diagnosed dementia. By the way, hallucinations may be also as a symptom of migraine, a side effect of stroke, taking drugs and alcohol.

Source: МEDdaily