Neuroscientists say that the brain’s protection has a limited "useful time".

British scientists have revealed that the brain's immune cells are updated only six times during the human lifetime. According to the experts, this discovery will allow them to cope with neurodegenerative diseases, "Pravda.RU" writes. In the center of the study were phagocytes which absorb the dead or damaged neurons, as well as fight with foreign elements.

The phagocytes have only six refresh cycles. It means that after the last cycle, their performance begins to decrease. Taking into account that many neurodegenerative diseases are caused by the accumulation of toxic elements, this study proves that the loss of the ability to clean the brain in the natural way leads to serious problems.

Today the scientists study the phagocytes interaction with other cells. It is possible that they will increase the number of refresh cycles that might help to rejuvenate the brain’s protection. Perhaps it will be a real elixir of youth and it may help to escape from age-related dementia.

Source: MEDdaily