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Specialist discovered protein responsible for excessive blood clotting

Preparations that regulate cholesterol levels in blood also help decrease the risk of formation of dangerous clots of blood.

Scientists from the University of Reading came to such a conclusion. Blood clotting may cause strokes and heart attacks.

During the experiment on blood clotting, a team of researches has found out that LXR protein is involved into this process. Let us remind that LXR protein is able to control cholesterol levels, and pharmaceutical companies have already selected it as a goal and a means that will help in development of new methods of treatment.

During laboratory experiments, scientists have also revealed that the preparations, which influence LXR protein, also reduce the size and stability of growing clots of blood.

Professor Jon Gibbins from the University of Reading says: "While blood clotting is essential to prevent bleeding, inappropriate clotting within the circulation, known as thrombosis, is the trigger for heart attacks and strokes - which kill more people in the UK each year than any other disease. Preparations which lower cholesterol level through targeting LXR protein can also reduce harmful blood clotting. That is why this finding paves the way for new and more effective medicines to prevent thrombosis ".

Adopted from: BBC