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Vitamin D supplements can save millions of people from cold and flu every year

According to BBC, this vitamin is significantly important for bone health, but it is also necessary for normal functioning of the immune system. For this reason, experts recommend to enrich foods with vitamin D. Immunity uses vitamin D for the production of immune "weapons" that make holes in bacteria and viruses.

The scientists of Queen Mary University have analyzed data from 25 independent trials involving 11321 persons. The experts were interested in various respiratory infections. According to their calculations the vitamin D intake may save 1 of every 33 persons from infections. For comparison: it is necessary to vaccinate 40 people against the flu in order to prevent infection.

In particular, the people who take food supplements every day or every week (it is recommended to reject high doses taken rarely) and had initially deficient in vitamin D will gain from vitamin D consumption. The main function of vitamin D is a calcium and phosphate regulation in the body (they are needed for the growth and keeping bones, teeth and muscles healthy). The studies also show the practical importance of vitamin D for the immune system. However, the excess of vitamin D can increase the level of calcium in the blood that may cause problems in the kidneys and heart.

Source: BBC.