Herbal Remedies


Zensimax® – care for the woman’s health.


Zensimax ® - Herbal remedy, created based on old recipes and intended to preserve the woman’s health. Herbal ingredients, included in the Gensimax’s composition, have complex effect on the various links in the pathogenesis of the disease. They are safe for long-term treatment of chronic diseases and act gently on the female body.

Zensimax is recommended for:

The complex treatment of pelvic organs inflammatory diseases (adnexitis, salpingitis, oophoritis, endometritis):

  •  reduces inflammation, provides an antibacterial effect;
  •  restores a menstrual cycle;
  •  eases the pain;
  •  improves the blood circulation in the pelvic organs;
  •  stimulates the immune system.

The menstrual cycle disorders (metrorrhagia, menorrhagia, menometrorrhagia, algomenoree):

  •  reduces the duration and intensity of menstrual bleeding;
  •  restores the duration of menstrual cycle;
  •  eliminates the pain.

Premenstrual period and menopause:

  •  eliminates irritability, tearfulness, anxiety and stress;
  •  increases the overall tone of the body, eliminates a fatigability, improves a sleep and a mood;
  •  reduces persistent abdominal pain, back pain and headaches;
  •  reduces the severity of menopausal bleeding;

Recovery period after abortion:

  •  the prevention of uterine bleeding;
  •  the stimulation of endometrium regeneration;
  •  the prevention of the pelvic organs inflammatory diseases;
  •  the normalization of mental and emotional state of women;
  •  the restoration of the menstrual cycle;
  •  the pain relief.

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