Australian scientists have made a breakthrough in the treatment of the deadly allergy to peanuts

As noted by The Hindustan Times, children with allergies, treated with a probiotic along with low doses of peanut protein within 18 months, in 80% of cases became tolerant to peanuts by the end of the study.

Four years later, about 70% were still free from allergies and had no adverse reactions. According to statistics, food allergy is diagnosed in every twentieth child and approximately in two adults of every 100. Generally, the causes of allergy are seafood, cow's milk, eggs and peanuts. It is peanuts that most often cause anaphylactic shock.

By the way, last year Nestle Company said that it plans to fill the market with medicinal food products. Its unit - Nestle Health Science - invests 145 million dollars in the relevant production. The investments are intended for Aimmune Therapeutics (manufacturer of food allergy medicines), which has almost created a drug against peanuts allergy.

Source: MED daily