Habit of Drinking Coffee Can Save Life

The new research has shown that people who regularly drink coffee (4-5 cups a day) have less risk of death because of heart diseases and diabetes.

People who drink coffee have mionectic risk of untimely death from chronic diseases of respiratory organs, diabetes, pneumonia, flu and suicide. The author of the research doctor Erikka Loftfield from the National Cancer Institute told ReutersHealth: "Coffee has numerous biologically active combinations including phenolic acids, potassium and caffeine".

The scientists have used the data from the previous research with the participation of 90 317 adults, who do not suffer from cancer or heart diseases. They were watching this group from 1998 to 2009, noticing the amount of coffee they drank and other information concerning their mode of life and nutrition. 8700 of them died by 2009.

The researchers took into consideration various factors which increase the risk of early death, such as smoking, for example.

They have outlined that people who drink coffee had less chance for untimely death in comparison with those who do not drink coffee. The participants, drinking 4-5 cups of coffee every day, had the lowest risk of early death. A similar connection was also appeared among those who drank coffee without caffeine.
People who drank 2-3 cups of coffee a day had 18% less risk of early death in comparison with those who did not like this drink. 

In addition, drinking of 5 cups of coffee a day - or 400 milligram of caffeine a day - was not connected with any long-term risks for health. According to the American College of obstetrician and gynecologist, consuming of moderate amount of caffeine - up to 200 mg a day - is also harmless for pregnant women.
Adapted from Eurolab.