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Charitable assistance

At all times the charity base as well as the mover of its development were personal qualities of the person.

First of all, it is a compassion, a sense of responsibility before yourself and society and wish to help. The support in the social, cultural, educational sphere plays very important role for any state.

Now it is very important to place priorities correctly. First of all, it belongs to the moral principles and universal values which are the basis for formation of the healthy nation. Our future and the future of our children will depend on what place in human life takes the question of moral, the question of help for other person, a question of responsibility for the actions. Literally it is possible to say that revival of these qualities will promote strengthening not only an individual social cell in a family, but also the country in general!

Nowadays, the charity development demands participation and supports of everyone as only together we will be able to give adequate help for destitute people.

The Ananta Medicare Company continues its charity and prolongs the event of "Share the Kindness" which started on June 1, 2015. So, from each sold packing of preparations 10 kopeks will be transferred in “Food of Life” charity foundation for assistance to socially unprotected segments of the population.

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