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 IMUTRIN - reliable protection during the cold season!

In the cold season, acute respiratory viral infection (ARVI) affects over 15% of the world's population. According to statistics, adults fall ill two to four times a year. Out of every 6-7 people, one is involved in the epidemic process. ARVI affects people of all ages. About 40% of lost working hours are related to symptoms caused by a cold. High-risk groups for severe and complicated colds include pregnant women, individuals with chronic illnesses, patients with severe metabolic syndrome, including obesity and diabetes, and the elderly, among others.

ARVI is characterized by a sudden onset of the illness, manifesting with a sharp rise in body temperature, pronounced intoxication (chills, headache, muscle and joint aches, eye discomfort or pain upon movement, sensitivity to light), as well as the development of catarrhal-respiratory symptoms (dryness of the upper respiratory mucosa, throat irritation, dry cough, breathing difficulties).

To help those with ARVI and for the prevention of possible complications, specialists recommend the following approach: prescribing antiviral drugs, remedies that alleviate catarrhal-respiratory symptoms, using fever-reducing, detoxifying, antioxidant therapy, as well as various vitamins, minerals, and herbal remedies.

The combined herbal remedy IMUTRIN (VITAGEN 108) has a unique composition: extracts of Echinacea angustifolia 200 mg, Canadian Hydrastis 150 mg, and Uncaria tomentosa 150 mg. Thanks to this combination, IMUTRIN provides antiviral, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, and antioxidant effects.

The antiviral action of the IMUTRIN complex is provided by the biologically active compounds of Echinacea and Hydrastis, which exhibit activity against various groups of viruses, prevent their spread and replication, shorten the duration of the illness, and enhance the action of antiviral drugs. The anti-inflammatory action of IMUTRIN is provided by all three components of the complex, which inhibit the inflammatory process, reduce the symptoms of the disease, slow down the progression of the illness, and shorten the duration of the acute phase. The immunomodulatory effect is achieved through Echinacea and Uncaria (also known as Cat's Claw), which contribute to the normalization of the immune system and stimulate the body's defense response to pathogen intrusion. Additionally, Uncaria tomentosa antioxidant action offers extra benefits by promoting the renewal of cells damaged by the disease, preventing the exacerbation of pathological processes, and possessing detoxifying properties.


Therefore, IMUTRIN (VITAGEN 108) is a phyto-complex that systematically enhances immunity, increases the body's resistance to infections, helps expedite the regression of symptoms, and contributes to rapid recovery and disease prevention.


IMUTRIN can be recommended for the prevention of seasonal colds, for individuals suffering from ARVI in combination with basic therapy to enhance its efficacy and prevent complications, as well as for those who have recently recovered to aid in quicker and full recovery.


IMUTRIN is a reliable aid for immunity during the cold season, which should be in every first-aid kit!




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