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  • 17.10.2019 Scientists have demonstrated the possibility of getting rid of type 2 diabetes

    There are about 400 million people with type 2 diabetes in the world. It is possible to prevent the development of this disease if you monitor your weight, do exercises and have a balanced diet. But recent studies show that you can reverse the already developed ailment, Science Alert reports.

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    14.10.2019 The patch-sensor will show whether the prescribed therapy works

    Scientists of London Imperial College have presented a unique system that tracks the changes in the level of antibiotics in the body in real-time. There is no analogue of such technology that uses microneedle biosensors (small skin patches), Mirage News reports.

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    11.10.2019 New blood test is another breakthrough in cancer diagnosis

    According to TASS, the University of Harvard has developed a simple and effective diagnosis and localization system for more than 20 types of cancer. The analysis is based on the results of a study of DNA parts in the patient’s blood. A search for the so-called methyl tags (attached methyl groups) is carried out. This is a more effective method compared to conventional DNA decoding.

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    08.10.2019 Physicians told how to identify the flu symptoms

    Influenza and upper respiratory tract infections require different therapy. To distinguish between these infections, you should carefully monitor the symptoms. "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" refers to Andrei Tyazhelnikov, the chief expert in primary care centre of the Moscow Health Department. The expert recalls that upper respiratory tract infections are usually a mild illness, but influenza can cause dangerous complications.

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    03.10.2019 A new test can identify pancreatic cancer by urine analysis

    Pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest cancer diseases. Its early diagnosis may save a patient’s life. According to Remedium, clinical trials of a test system capable of diagnosing pancreatic cancer, even at an early stage, by urine analysis, are initiated in the UK.

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    05.09.2019 Computer was taught to diagnose arrhythmia more accurately than a doctor

    Atrial fibrillation (heartbeat rhythm failure) may be unnoticed on ECG, especially when the rhythm of the heartbeat returns to its normal condition for a while. According to BBC, artificial intelligence created by Mayo Clinic may help to avoid a fatal diagnostic error. Scientists have revealed arrhythmia signs hidden from the doctor’s eye.

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    02.09.2019 Scientists have improved the printing of living organs on 3D printer

    As Mail.RU News notes, the scientists of Carnegie-Mellon University have tested FRESH technology. FRESH allows to create an extracellular matrix - the structural basis of organs and tissues. Until recently, scientists could not recreate the matrix in full - the matrix structure is very complex and protein structures deform.

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    30.08.2019 Unique nanovaccine is going to make a revolution in the cancer therapy

    As Mirage News notes, the scientist of Tel Aviv University have created a nanoparticle-based vaccine that can prevent the development of melanoma and at the same time is suitable for the destruction of existing tumors and metastases. The vaccine can make immune therapy as effective as possible.

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    28.08.2019 Escherichia coli became the basis for a perfect healing product

    The scientists of Harvard University have devised how to heal the damaged internal organs. The main problem is that it is difficult to attach healing materials and different versions of medical plasters to wet and slippery surfaces. According to Engadget the scientists have solved this problem by using a gel-like product obtained on the basis of E. coli.

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    09.09.2019 Scientists have found an element that can simplify the treatment of sepsis

    Sepsis develops when the nocifensor trying to fight the infection gets out of control. Then the immune cells begin to attack the tissues and organs of the host, causing death, Technology Networks reports.