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It seems that nowadays everybody knows everything about allergy. But doctors and scientists do not. More than a hundred years, when such notion as “allergy” was introduced into medical practice, they try to find answers to numerous puzzles provided by this failure in the organism. Among others, they wonder why the immune system suddenly malfunctions and starts begins  to react sharply to some, as a rule, harmless substance, and what one should do in such situations?

It should be said that allergy, similar to love, is a frivolous lady. It can come unexpectedly at any time for its own reason and announce about its coming with the help of endless sneezing, pouring rhinitis, agonizing itch, ugly rash, serious dyspnea and so on… 

The number of immunity troublemakers is infinitely diversified. That is why it is not difficult at all to become an allergic person: sometimes it is enough just to hear somebody mentioning the forthcoming meeting with your wilfully despotic boss for you to have a stuffy nose and a short breath! The truth is that it happens more often during a pleasant walk when herbs and trees blossom. But sometimes it develops when plants do not bloom — in summer there is a great concentration of fungi spores, which also provoke allergy. 

Is there a possibility to get rid of already developed hypersensitivity to a curtain substance? How one can decrease the susceptibility of his immune system?

Nowadays the main means of allergy treatment is antihistamines, which belong to different generations and differ not so much in the time of their development, as in the presence of additional properties and medicinal peculiarities. For example, the majority of preparations of the I generation have short duration of their action (4–12 hours). They should be taken several times a day. And they cause sleepiness — have sedative (calming) effect. Medications of the II generation do not have such an influence, but unfortunately some of them have a negative action on the heart.

Among representatives of the antiallergenic medicinal preparations of the ІІІ generation it is the preparation TIGOFAST®, presented by the company АnantaMedicare LTD (Great Britain), which attracts attention. Its safety and efficiency are proved by numerous clinical studies. When you take one tablet of TIGOFAST just in half an hour you forget about sneezing, rhinitis, itching eyes, lacrimation (seasonal allergic rhinitis) and about itching blisters (urticaria). And this effect lasts for 24 hours. But the thing, which is especially makes one happy, is that there is no accompanying sleepiness, slow response or fatigability.

Unlike some other preparations of the ІІІ generation TIGOFAST® does not influence body weight, which is very important for women. For men it is not of less importance, that TIGOFAST does not increase sedative action of alcohol. 

When you take TIGOFAST®, you can do the most complicated work, which requires concentration of your attention, or drive. In addition TIGOFAST® manages very well with allergy manifestations both as “emergency” means and as a preventive medications requiring long-term use. TIGOFAST® is good to use, as it is issued in different dosages, which allow choosing the most optimal variant of its indication due to the “intensity” of allergy both in adults and children over 12 years old.

Allergy often makes people helpless, change their lifestyle — sometimes for a short period of time, but sometimes for the whole life.

TIGOFAST® will let you forget about allergy and live HEALTHILY!

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