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Ananta Medicare has participated in the powerlifting competition

«If something hurts you,
this is your weakness and
you need to train twice as hard!»

Mas Oyama

Every athlete strives to support his body that regularly experiences overload. One of the weak links in this regime is the musculoskeletal system. Due to this, special attention is paid to chondroprotectors, which allow to support the joints during periods of hard training and competitions.

Artikon® is a professional support of the musculoskeletal system and modern approach to chondroprotection. It is a balanced drinking complex with original composition. Artikon® is a unique chondroprotector on the Ukrainian market. It contains fish collagen (made by Japan), which amino acid composition is close to human one. Taking care of the health of professional athletes, Ananta Medicare fully supports the athletes of the Ukrainian Weightlifting Federation.

Ananta Medicare became a leading partner of the sports event - the 2019 Ukrainian Championship, held in Kharkiv under the auspices of WRF KRAWA Powerlifting Federation on 21 to 22 December 2019. During this event, in which the best athletes of Ukraine were selected in 9 weight categories, Ananta Medicare provided the leading athletes with a modern chondroprotective complex - Artikon®.

 Traditionally taking part in the Powerlifting Cup of Ukraine on 22/02/2020, Ananta Medicare complimented the new champions with Artikon® in the following nominations: "Age Athlete" and "Athlete who made great efforts in training for competition".

Ananta Medicare is always ready to support professionals who not only promote healthy lifestyles, but also show the extraordinary capabilities of the human body!

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