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Association of doctors against epidemic cardiovascular diseases

At the coast of the Black Sea in legendary hero-city Odessa on January 27, 2010 there was held a scientific and practical conference "Cardiovascular diseases - a global threat to the modern world: association of doctors against cardiovascular diseases", which was sponsored by the company "Ananta Medicare" (Great Britain).


The organizer of the conference, the main cardiologist of the Administration of Healthcare of Odessa Regional State Administration, Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences Svetlana Alekseyevna Andriyevskaya, presented an impressive report on the topic “Is it possible to untie the knot of problems of cardiovascular diseases?», which was prepared on the material of the ХХ European congress of cardiologists. In her report Svetlana Alekseyevna told about modern achievements in the field of cardiology presented at the congress. 


Doctor cardiac surgeon of the Regional clinical hospital Komilev D.B. presented his report “New technologies of cardiac surgery — regional priority of therapy for patients with cardiovascular diseases” to the participants of the conference. Intervention cardiologist of the Regional clinical hospital, Candidate of Medical Sciences Kolesnik V.A. drew listeners’ attention to endovascular correction of congenital heart diseases. The main specialist in functional diagnostics of the Administration of Healthcare of Odessa Regional State Administration Koretskaya V.M. presented the report “Thromboembolism patient is a difficult patient” for the attention of cardiologists and therapeutists present at the conference.

The main dietitian of the Administration of Healthcare of Odessa Regional State Administration Polyakova L.A. dedicated her report to peculiarities of the diet during medicinal therapy.

Regional manager of the company “Аnanta Medicare” Diana Kashirskaya told those present at the conference about modern highly effective preparations intended for treatment of both cardiovascular, and other diseases. 


An avalanche of urgent and necessary in the work of any doctor information, as well as a great supply of positive energy received at the conference will surely become the stimulus for increase of treatment effectiveness through the use of the preparations presented by the company “Аnanta Medicare” for cardiologists and therapeutists of Odessa region.

There is no doubt in the fact that our victory over cardiovascular diseases is not far off, as even the place where the conference was held — “Gardens of Victory” — aim only at the victory — the victory over the epidemic of cardiovascular diseases!