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On June 19, 2010 there was an opening of cricket games season at the stadium "Obolon’ Arena" in Kiev.

Our company is already a traditional sponsor of the matches. However, this time participation of ANANTA Medicare in cultural life of cricket community comes to something more than that. We have our own team of great players, and we have no doubt in their victory in the near future! Because you know, ANANTA is the endlessness of success, victories and triumphs!!!



Players and all fans of cricket at the tournament were greeted by the Olympic champion Sergey Bubka, the chairman of the supervisory board of the company ISTIL Group Dr. Mohammad Zahoor, and the performance of a famous singer, Kamalia, became a real surprise; her songs turned cricket players into stirring dancers... 


A sportsmen, track and field athlete in pole-vault, the first man in the world, who jumped higher than 6 meters, Sergey Bubka established 35 world records. The Head of the National Olympic Committee.  


Almost an hour-long Kamalia’s concert after the end of the game was a well-deserved reward to all players and fans.