Happy New Year!





2017 is the year of Red Fire Rooster. According to astrologers, in the eastern calendar the Rooster is a symbol of renewal as well as the beginning of something new and unknown. Therefore, the coming year promises to change the lives of everyone. 2017 brings luck for purposeful and persistent people! But the rooster will help only those who do something to achieve their desires and takes willpower.
For the third year in Kharkov on Liberty Square the highest Christmas tree in Ukraine is set. Its height is 36.7 m, and last year she was recognized as the tallest Christmas tree in Europe. Kharkov is always the first: namely in Kharkov, 80 years ago for the first time in the Soviet Union a Christmas tree festival was held. The festival took place in the Palace of Pioneers. Only then, this tradition has spread throughout the Union.
These days a team of ANANTA MEDICARE traditionally sums up results of this year, discusses plans for the future and celebrates the holiday in a big way. It is no wonder they say that the one who works hard, has a good rest! This year, the staff has decided to congratulate the native company in an unusual way...


Jain Pradeep Kumar

President of Ananta Medicare LTD.

Джаин Прадип Кумар Президент компании «Ananta Medicare LTD»DEAR COLLEAGUES!

New Year is a wonderful time; it is time for the sizing up and making future plans. For the past 17 years, we take care of the patients’ health. For that time we have earned a high praise and confidence of experts from different countries.
In 2016 we reached a new level and we are proud of our achievements. Despite the difficult economic situation in the country, we were able to achieve a stable monthly sales growth by 7-10%. Our active efforts, to promote food supplements which are very complicated products for Ukrainian market, let us twice increase our ranking position (compared to the previous year) and by the end of 2016, our company will enter the top 10. I firmly believe that our success is the result of high professionalism and good work of our team!
The main wealth of our company is the people working in ANANTA MEDICARE and partners! We appreciate employees who were at the very beginning of our company and with their own hands create its story for more than 10-15 years. Namely these people can confirm that our company has always been a bastion of reliability and stability. Thank to our firmness of purpose, cohesion and enthusiasm we were able to pass through all the difficult stages in the Ukrainian history.
Today ANANTA MEDICARE is the area of unlimited opportunities, that’s why young and talented professionals actively join our team. Over the last year our ranks were replenished with new successful professionals and our team has increased more than 2 times. We are always open for highly qualified specialists and happy to give them an opportunity to realize themselves professionally.
In 2016 our material and technical base were significantly strengthened; our fleet of vehicles, increased by more than 1,5 times, was replenished with upscale business class cars. This year we have expanded our product portfolio by more than 2 times and today it includes more than 70 medicinal products and 15 food supplements.
From April 2016 two specialized units with two separate divisions in both units were formed to improve the efficiency of work: Cardio-Endo-Gastro/OTC generics - in one unit and Antibacterial/hospital direction - in other unit.

We improve our strategy, expand partnerships and follow the current market trends. This year we introduced our products at the international level and took part as an exhibitor at the world's largest pharmaceutical trade shows. In March 2016, we participated in the exhibition of the CIS countries - CPhI Russia 2016 (Moscow), and in October we took part in the international exhibition - CPhI Worldwide 2016 (Spain). In addition, we actively participated in the National Congress and the Congress of Cardiology, Neurology, Gynecology, Gastroenterology and Pharmacy.
Our strategic course of development focuses on the expansion of sales markets and launch of new production facilities. In 2016 the plant of «ANANTA MEDICARE», specializing in the production of herbal food supplements was opened. In the nearest future a new plant for the production of antibacterial drugs and a plant for the production of non-sterile medicines will be put into operation.
I look to the future with optimism and confidence and I believe that 2017 will be the year of new achievements for our company! We have a lot of interesting projects and ambitious plans. Our task for the next year is to strengthen the achieved positions, to increase growth rate and to enter the top 10 pharmaceutical companies of Ukraine.
ANANTA MEDICARE is the one big and happy family, and I wish you good health, prosperity and confidence in the future! May the happiness and prosperity fill your homes and may all your dreams come true!
Thank you for your support, understanding, sincerity and professionalism, I firmly believe that we will spend and celebrate another beautiful years together!
Happy New Year and Happy Holidays!

Happy New Year and Happy Holidays!




I would like to wish all of the team and partners happy upcoming New Year! The year gone by will remain memorable for all of us as the Year of the Progress, Growth and Innovations.
The achievements of 2016 are a sequel of the our teams concerted efforts, effective coordinated actions of all departments when personal contribution of each member was worthwhile and important for  collective success.
May the upcoming New Year be full of welcome surprises and festal occasions, ambitious plans and financial well-being! I wish all to reach new horizons, successful projects and prosperity for our companies! Splendid health, love and individual happiness!

 Kaushik Abhishek
Director of “SKY Ltd.”



Year 2016 was rich in the events and one of the most productive throughout history of Ananta Medicare. During the whole year we have been incrementally expanding our product portfolio, entering into commercial agreements, cementing partnership with healthcare centers and pharmacy chains, gained experience in couching tender offers and public procurements. I would like to wish you all the best for the festive season! May the upcoming New Year break new ground for all of us and grant new opportunities.
May New Year bring success, prosperity, innovative ideas and new achievements for our companies!

Brijendra Rana 



May I offer the our teams my congratulations upon New Year!
Summarizing the year gone I would like to thank one and all for strong partnership and brotherhood such that we could achieve top results! I wish all of you to have solid heath and be successful, affection and peaceful world, sympathy and the light of nearest and dearest countenance! May everyday working life be vibrant and productive, and holidays, as it always have been, vivid and momentous! I wish for all  hopefulness, enthusiasm and hope for the best! May all the challenges are met effortlessly, and wishes and plans shall jolly well be realized! Happy New Year and many joyous days!!!

 Pysareva Oksana Petrovna 
Director of “EVITAS Ltd.”




Dear friends!
I wish that in the New Year the experience of the year that gone will become for you a basis and steppingstone for future growth and progress! I wish you to bear frankness and family relations affection in the company thus becoming more self-rigorous and exacting to colleagues in achieving the goals and productivity! Shoulder a responsibility for future and be proactive and then success will be assured! Solid health for you and your nearest and dearest, peace and prosperity for all of us, happy New Year!

Illarionova Tatyana Valentynovna