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In April 2024, Ananta Medicare Ukraine took part in a series of events in the format of online and offline conferences


  1. "Women's Health from A to Z" on the topic: "Family planning and reproductive health through the eyes of an obstetrician and gynaecologist. Management of high risk pregnancy".
  2. EXPERT STUDIO with Yulia Davydova and the ELITE CLUB OF POLYPROFILE SPECIALISTS on the topic: "Rehabilitation of reproductive health in high-risk groups"
  3. "International professional school of colposcopy and management of vulvovaginal pathology".

The current topic is "Vaginal microbiota and its role in the female reproductive system".

The microbiota is considered to be one of the main factors in maintaining the health of the female body, as well as its ability to conceive and bear a child. In fact, it is all the microorganisms that exist in the vagina. Their relevance lies in the fact that they interact with the female body and have an intense impact on it.

Scientists around the world are conducting a lot of studies to determine exactly what the vaginal microbiota is and what its role is in the human reproductive system.

The microflora of the urogenital organs is a combination of lactobacilli of different types, the most important of which are: L. gasseri, L. crispatus, L. rhamnosus, L. acidophilus and L. jensenii. They act as a kind of barrier that resists the colonisation of the female body, particularly the vagina, by various harmful microorganisms. The microbiota produces lactic acids, resulting in an acidic environment. Its advantage is that pathogenic microorganisms cannot survive in it. Hydrogen peroxide, along with lysozyme and other substances with antibacterial properties, is an agent that has a destructive effect on the pathogenic microflora of the urogenital organs.

Many studies confirm that the vaginal microbiota is largely dependent on probiotics. Probiotics are live, beneficial bacteria that suppress the pathogenic microflora of the intestines and then the vagina.

At the conferences, national speakers of gynaecology have presented modern principles of treatment of vulvovaginal pathology and correction of the vaginal microbiota with the female probiotic Florium-A.

Florium-A can be recommended as a food supplement containing a complex of live lactobacilli helping to restore and maintain the health of the genitourinary system by boosting immunity and normalising intestinal and vaginal microflora.

 Florium-A - smart flora!

Helps to restore and maintain the health of the genitourinary system and normalise intestinal and vaginal microflora