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On 9 June 2023, the company "Ananta Medicare" participated in the online event "Gastroenterological diseases in the practice of doctors of various specialties"

In our time, constipation is characterized by a quite common disorder: according to data from various studies, 10% to 50% of the population in developed countries suffer from constipation. Women get sick 3 times more often than men. The number of individuals with constipation increases with age. Therefore, as we can see, the issue of constipation is quite relevant in our days. This is why correction methods for such a disorder as constipation hold significant importance in the routine work of doctors.

Among the numerous reports in the field of gastroenterological diseases, a report by Svitlana Valeriivna Kasinska, Associate Professor of Dniprovsky State Medical University has garnered attention. The report focuses on the topic of "Chronic Constipation: Pathogenesis, Diagnosis, and Treatment," demonstrating the effectiveness and clinical necessity of using complex-action medications in solving the problem of constipation in patients.

Mostly, the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine is dominated by single-component laxative preparations based on lactulose or senna. LACTOFOR stands out favorably from laxative medications because, firstly, it contains a more modern representative of osmotic laxatives – lactitol, which normalizes defecation according to the physiological rhythm of the patient's intestine and does not lead to habituation. Secondly, it has a fixed combination (simethicone, L. ACIDOPHILUS, folic acid, vitamin B12), which comprehensively alleviates the symptoms of constipation. Modern understanding of constipation is characterized not only by impaired defecation but also by bloating, intestinal microflora imbalance, and vitamin deficiency.

Svitlana Valeriivna shared the results of a domestic study on LACTOFOR during her presentation: "Modern Approaches to Treating Patients with Functional Constipation" (authors: I.M. Skrypnyk, O.F. Hopko, I.G. Kryvoruchko). This study has proven that LACTOFOR increases the frequency of defecation, normalizes the nature of bowel movements, reduces the intensity and severity of flatulence and abdominal pain syndrome, and shows positive dynamics in symptom questionnaires (PAC-SYM) and quality of life (PAC-QoL).

The lecturer's presentation sparked great interest among the audience and led to a lively discussion. All questions and proposals were addressed and received comprehensive answers from the presenter.

LACTOFOR is exactly the complex that can be recommended to patients to address the problem of constipation, relieve its symptoms, and improve the quality of life.