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Osteoporosis. Diagnostic and treatment tactics in modern practice of an internist

 On October 8, 2021 Ananta Medicare took an active part in holding an all-Ukrainian interdisciplinary scientific and practical conference with international participation of UMDA - a century of innovative directions and scientific achievements, which was timed to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy. Under all COVID restrictions, the conference organizers have managed to hold the event both in offline and online formats. The various healthcare professionals (dentists, therapists, surgeons, neurologists, etc.) were invited to their familiar audiences and conference rooms wherein they could listen to foreign lecturers’ speeches by using live broadcasts. This made the conference truly interdisciplinary and international.

In the therapeutic section, the candidate of medical sciences, Ivanitskiy Igor Valerievich has presented the report “Osteoporosis. Diagnostics and treatment in modern practice of an internist”. The speaker emphasized the need for interaction between the various healthcare professionals, namely therapists, neurologists, neurosurgeons and traumatologists, in the management of patients with osteoporosis and chronic pain in the lower back. He noted that modern diagnostics is necessarily based on the patient's clinical symptoms and the presence of “red flags” such as age, female sex, a history of fractures, etc., diagnostic screening by FRAX method, and the study of bone density by an instrumental method, densitometry. Based on a 2019 review, the report concluded that among all bisphosphonates, zoledronate is the most likely to reduce the risk of both vertebral and non-vertebral fractures (Richard Eastell, 2019). Ivanitskiy Igor Valerievich has shared his personal experience of using the drug Zoleum (zoledronic acid) - 5 mg / 100 mg, and noted the availability and good tolerance of Zoleum. 


ZOLEUM. Convenient management of osteoporosis!