"Scientific and educational event for obstetricians and gynecologists in Kropivnitsky".

With the support of the pharmaceutical company “Ananta Medicare”, on November 16, 2018, a scientific and educational event “Regional Summit. Perinatal risk 2018 "was held for obstetricians and gynecologists in Kropyvnytsky.

Kropyvnytsky perinatal center is the first medical institution in Ukraine where newborns with low body weight are rescued. During its existence, 1300 children were born with a critically low weight. The newborn with lowest body weight of 680 grams was saved here. Some of these saved children have already gone to school.

At the summit, the head of the perinatal center, the highest category doctor Miteva Tatyana Nikolaevna made a report. During her speech, Tatyana Nikolaevna emphasized that taking Florium during pregnancy protects against premature birth, reduces the risk of fetus infection and helps to prevent a low birth weight. Florium is a unique combination of 4 lactobacilli normally prevailing in the vagina of a pregnant woman.

Also, Tatyana Nikolaevna told about Intinova® vaginal gel, which is used in preparation for childbirth, to facilitate natural childbirth, as well as to accelerate vaginal recovery in the postpartum period. In addition, the report dealt with two new phytocomplexes that have recently launched on the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine: Femimens and Femicycle, designed to correct dishormonal disorders at different periods of women’s life.