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Scientific and practical conference with international participation “Modern problems of dermatovenereology and cosmetology”

was held on the base of Kharkov regional dermatovenereological dispensary on June 10, 2010 in Kharkov.

Actual problems of epidemiology, etiology, pathogenesis and treatment of acute and chronic dermatosis were discussed at the conference. Numerous reports were dedicated to this problem, among others these were the reports made by professor Protsenko T.V. “New opportunities of atopic dermatitis treatment” and professor Ryzhko P.P. “Modern methods of therapy of inflammatory skin diseases”.      

Presentations of prof. Bondarenko G.M., prof. Dyudyun A.D. and other participants of the conference were dedicated to the problems of diagnostics and treatment of venereal diseases.     

Candidate of medical sciences, assoc. prof. Yukhimenko V.V. (Donetsk) told about antibacterial therapy of urogenital mycoplasmosis in his report “Modern principles of urogenital ureaplasmosis patients’ management”. The speaker drew listeners’ attention to epidemiology of urogenital mycoplasmosis, reasons of its development, peculiarities of diagnostics, and clear indications for examination for ureaplasmosis; he also shared his own experience of use of the preparation Aziclar®. Owing to its evident antibacterial activity against atypical causative agent of ureaplasm, Aziclar® is an effective preparation in the therapy of urogenital mycoplasmosis. The preparation is well tolerated and is affordable for most consumers.

Medical representatives of Kharkov region (regional manager – Pesotskiy R.S.) presented antibacterial preparations in Company’s stand via communicating with doctors, who were present at the conference, and providing them with promotional materials.