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A new drug against ovarian cancer

During the last phase, scientists evaluated the efficacy and safety of the treatment of ovarian cancer with/without BRCA mutations.

The study involved more than 500 volunteers. According to the experts, on the background of experimental therapy, in patients with ovarian cancer with the BRCA mutation, the life expectancy without disease progression was 21 months. The placebo control group - 5.5 months only.

In its turn, among the patients without BRCA mutations, the drug worked a little bit worse. The life expectancy without disease progression was 9.3 months. The control group - 3.9 months. There were some side effects, such as: thrombocytopenia (28.3%), anemia (24.8%) and neutropenia (11.2%). Fortunately, the adjustment of the dosage can manage the side effects.

Source: MEDdaily