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A new method for treatment of infertility in men was designed

Women are usually blamed as a cause of infertility mostly due to their natural ability to give birth.

However, according to the latest global statistics, the proportion of male guilt in this problem is more significant and ranges from 45 to 70% of all cases of impossibility of conception. Whereas the female factor is more modest and it makes 25-50%, and infertility associated with common problems of both sexes is 10-25%.

As we know infertility can be acquired (caused by temporary problems with health or environmental factors) and congenital (genetically determined). So, when in most of the cases the acquired infertility can be quickly corrected, cured or eliminated, the congenital sterility does not give men a chance to become a father.

However, the new developed by US experts technology, based on stem cell, promises to solve the problem of congenital sterility in men.

During the experiment, which involved volunteers with congenital sterility, the stem cells from the men’s connective tissue of the skin were formed. On their basis the scientists were able to create viable spermatozoa.

It is reported that the development is already in clinical trials. If the test results prove successful, the problem of male infertility will be forgotten!