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A new method will help to quickly identify a heart attack

A team of scientists has developed an algorithm that allows to quickly and efficiently identify a heart attack. According to the scientists, only 10% of patients with acute myocardial infarction symptoms turn to emergency departments. Thanks to a timely identified heart attack, many lives can be saved.

According to Medscape, the scientists have tested the algorithm on 4350 patients who turn to the emergency department because of acute pain in the chest. The algorithm is designed to assess the levels of highly sensitive troponins T and I – proteins entering the bloodstream due to the damaged myocardium.

The method was safe and effective. In 99% of cases it helped to determine correctly whether a patient needed coronary angiography (coronary artery examination). The algorithm successfully coped with its task even when a person came to the emergency room three hours or more after the chest pain occurred.

Earlier, the scientists have found out why it is difficult for women to identify a heart attack. Scientists of the University of Troms have carried out an experiment and found out that women are more tolerant to pain caused by a heart attack. Therefore, they often do not realize that they have a heart attack.

Source: Medscape.