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A new remedy will help people suffering from chronic pain

Scientists from the University of Zurich have revealed that BIIB074 substance is capable to alleviate the pain in people with trigeminal neuralgia. This chronic disease is accompanied by severe pain in the maxillofacial area. Experts note that BIIB074 is better than other drugs for the disease, which often cause fatigue and concentration problems.

According to Zee News, the activation of sodium channels in the neurons membrane is necessary for the reason that the pain signals get into the brain. Sodium channels "1.7" are usually active in the nerves conducting pain. The high pain intensity level is accompanied by the high activity of these channels. Block of sodium channels inhibits pain.

A nerve is damaged at the base of the skull in trigeminal neuralgia. However, this area is difficult to access for local injection. Therefore, a drug treatment is required. The study has shown that BIIB074 blocked the activity of sodium channels. The more channels become active the more substance acted. Due to these properties BIIB074 differs from existing drugs that block the channels at any level of activity that leads to occurrence of side effects.

Source: Zee News.