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A Nobel laureate has developed a universal remedy against asthma and allergies

Professor of Microbiology Barry Marshall, a Nobel Prize winner, has developed a new remedy for prevention of asthma and food allergies. The remedy should suppress the excessive activity of the immune system, ABC News reports. According to the scientist, his current work comes from studies of bacteria Helicobacter.

This pathogen survives in the body by suppressing immunity. As a result, the body can not get rid of it. According to the professor, the new remedy couldn’t save everyone. But it has the strength to curb overactive immunity from the very first days of life. And it will save people from a lot of problems.

The preparation is designed in the form of powder, because the powder is easier to consume with food or drinks. The remedy is almost ready for production on an industrial scale, but its safety in animals and humans must be performed. The professor hopes that clinical trials in children will be started in the next three years.

Source MEDdaily