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A remedy for all occasions: amazing properties were revealed in aspirin

Aspirin is traditionally used for the treatment of pain, inflammation and to reduce the temperature. But now scientists claim that daily aspirin intake may allow to prevent the development of cancer, Xinhua reports. It has already been shown that aspirin rescues from certain types of cancer. But now scientists have understood how aspirin works.

It turned out that aspirin interacts with platelets that stop bleeding by forming a blood clot. This interaction prevents the growth of tumors. Normally, platelets assist to form new blood vessels after the clot was formed. But the same process helps tumors to survive and grow. Aspirin disturbs the normal blood coagulation, by "shutting down" key enzyme COX-1 and thereby blocking the interaction of platelets and tumor cells.

But, there is one thing: the researchers used a special mixture of aspirin and phosphatidylcholine in the study (type of lipids contained in soy lecithin). The second component allows to reduce the damage to the gastrointestinal tract caused by aspirin. The mixture was called "Aspirin-PC / PL2200". Scientists hope that this mixture will be included in anti-cancer therapy.

Source: Xinhua