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A revolutionary test determines the state of the brain in a few minutes

The developers of DRD Company from the Republic of Buryatia and nine other residents of Skolkovo Foundation have presented finished express tests at the TechCrunch Innovation Fair in New York. These tests can demonstrate the ischemic stroke risks and diagnose brain damages. According to RIA News, the test is smaller than the palm of your hand. By the blood taken from the finger this "little thing" can determine the biomarkers of brain damage.

Such tests are very important for the field, hospitals, trauma centers and ambulance teams. Also they will be useful for sports schools. It is known that the prototype was developed for several years. The lead developer was Professor Svetlana Dambinova from Pavlov Medical University of St. Petersburg and the Dekalb medical center of Atlanta.

The scientists hope to begin clinical trials in Russia by the end of the next year. Also the experts are going to launch this product on the American market. But to obtain all approvals and to carry out all necessary clinical trials about 10 million dollars are needed.

Source: RIA News