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A simple test may predict the risk of a stroke

A simple test may predict the risk of a fatal stroke among elderly men. The test is based on drawing the lines, connecting the figures in a descending order in as short as possible time.

According to the results of the research, the men, who showed the worse results, have three times higher risk to die after the first stroke than those, who took the first places.

The researches were carried out during 14 years in a group of 1000 subjects aged from 67 to 75.

The researchers believe that such tests may diagnose hidden injuries of brain vessels, when there aren’t any evident symptoms.

The research shows at early stage the changes in the brain that increase the risk of the stroke. It is of a limited character and it is still unclear, what causes deterioration of the capability to draw lines. However, there is already the possibility to define those, who have an increased risk of stroke. Besides, this test is very simple, cheap and easy for clinical use.

Every year more than 150000 people suffer a stroke in Britain.

Source: BBC