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A simple test will identify the risk of Alzheimer's disease

In the saliva, scientists have found molecules that are biomarkers of dementia. Apparently, thanks to this, a new test may soon appear. This test will allow to identify the disease at the early stage. The study included three groups (29 people), Psych Central reports.

The first group included people suffering from Alzheimer's disease, the second group included participants with moderate cognitive impairment and the third group was a control group. The metabolomic technology was used. They studied metabolites (metabolic products of different compounds) in saliva samples of volunteers.

The scientists have identified 57 metabolites and assessed their levels. The differences in the levels of some biomarkers were particularly significant. By the level of metabolites, the scientists were able to determine which of the volunteers have the highest risk of Alzheimer's disease.
Source: Psych Central.