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A unique anti-cancer drug will be tested.

Clinical trials of alofanib, Russian targeted antitumor drug, will be initiated shortly. These trials may show its safety and effectiveness, "Remedium" reports. They will be performed in patients with metastatic gastric cancer who do not respond to standard therapy.

Alofanib is the first allosteric inhibitor of fibroblast growth factor receptor (FGFR2). It is known that many cancer cells, including stomach cancer cells, have FGFR2 on the surface. When the receptor is activated, cell division, tumor growth and the spread of metastases occur.

The new drug inhibits a part of the receptor, located on the cell surface. This mechanism allows to influence on the receptor, regardless of the appearance of various forms of FGFR and mutations making the cell resistant to therapy.

Source: MADdaily