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A unique anticancer drug is created

The researchers of Cancer Center, University of Hawaii (the USA) have produced a new type of anticancer drug BP-1-102. The oral drug attacks a key protein, which starts the process of development of many types of oncological diseases, including lung, breast and skin cancer.

The creation of BP-1-102 was carried out according to the results of computer analysis of cancerous tumors, caused by protein Stat3, which encourages an abnormal growth of cells in healthy tissues (this protein takes part in regulation of work of mitochondria, which transfer energy to oncologic cells, contributing to their faster growth). The molecular structure of hyperactive Stat3 reminds two cars fallen aboard.

Using special software that designs molecular models of potential active pharmaceutical components, the researchers got the BP-1-102 molecule, which, joining with Stat3, literally tears this protein into two inactive parts.

The unique feature of BP-1-102 is its capability to preserve its high anticancer activity even when taken orally, while the absolute majority of anticancer drugs available today require intravenous administration in clinical conditions that increases abruptly financial, physical and emotional strain of a patient.

Source: Podrobnosti