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A unique device to replace the heart was implanted to a patient by Russian surgeons

Scientists of the Siberian Biomedical Center named E.N.Meshalkin (Novosibirsk) became the first experts in Russia who implanted two artificial hearts to the patient. According the RIA Novosti the patient is a 20-year-old girl who received several stab wounds causing the heart damages.

An extensive myocardial infarction was reported. 80% of the muscle tissues of the heart have died. This provoked severe heart failure, dystrophic changes in the internal organs such as liver, kidneys and lungs. Alexander Chernyavsky, the author of "Derivative changes in all organs of the body" and "The mechanism of supporting blood circulation - implantation of biventricular support (both ventricles of the heart)" and the director of the Center of aortic, coronary and peripheral arteries surgery said: “A compact system with two axial pumps having contracting function of the heart, was installed. One pump takes blood from the left ventricle of the heart and transfers to the aorta. Second pump transfers the blood from the right atrium to the pulmonary artery. The system performance is quite similar to that of the heart”.

The cardiologist Dmitry Doronin comments: "Usually, if there is a failure of both right and left heart regions, the patients are implanted with pneumatic drive pumps. These are cumbersome systems and a patient has to walk with a cart equipped with a compressor supplying air. A domestic system, which is a hundred times smaller than the analog, was implanted to Christine".

The implantation of the system took about six hours. Currently, the patient's body came into physiological norm. This means that the damage caused by heart failure was compensated. The heart transplantation is planned in the autumn.

Source: MEDdaily