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A unique implant is able to improve memory

A brand new brain implant has been designed by experts from the University of Southern California. It stimulates the brain region associated with learning ability and memory. Thanks to the implant, experiment participants began to cope with the task for memory much better, The Daily Mail reports.

The study involved 20 people with epilepsy, who had electrodes targeted at the hippocampus (memory center). The volunteers performed a task for short-term memory. After training, the scientists built a model for neurons activity of the participants during the process of completing the task.

By taking into account the designed model the researchers stimulated their brain with the implant when the participants performed the task for the second time. The study has shown that the participants began to cope with the task 30% better due to the brain stimulation. The experts hope the new method will help people with memory impairments.

Source: The Daily Mail.