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A unique spray will deliver the medicine directly to the brain

Specialists have designed a nasal spray to deliver medicinal preparations to the brain. It successfully passes through the blood-brain barrier. The spray is not dangerous for healthy tissues. The scientists say that the spray can be used in the treatment of various diseases, for example, brain cancer, "Dni24" reports.

The scientists have already tested a new medicinal preparations delivery method in locusts. The study has shown that the gold nanoparticles of the spray appeared in the brain of insects within 30-60 minutes. The spray particles did not affect healthy tissues. Now experts plan clinical trials in humans.

Prior to this, scientists from Duke University and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute have developed a new medicinal preparations delivery method strictly to certain neurons in the brain - DART. Usually drugs affect all types of neurons. But some side effects may occur if it is necessary to affect only one type of cells.

DART genetically programs special cells and forces them to excrete "GPS beacon" enzyme. This enzyme is simply located on the surface of cells. Everything changes when drugs that form a binding with the enzyme are used. The drugs were used in minimal dosages, so they did not affect other cells. They were effectively captured by the surface of cells and rapidly accumulated in an increased concentration.

Source: "Dni24".