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A unique test for the blood group analysis will save millions of lives

Chinese scientists have developed a new test that shows the blood group in a few seconds. The accuracy of the test is almost 100%, The Daily Mail reports. This is a real breakthrough, because all modern tests require a lot of time and complex equipment. The new method allows to determine the blood group to any person practically.

The scientists analyzed 3550 blood samples and understood how to recognize the blood group in less than 30 seconds. Such a short time allows to save a human’s life, because transfusion of an unsuitable blood group can lead to death. It is known that each group has its own antigens. Their inconsistency provokes a dangerous reaction.

In the study, the scientists used chemical reactions between serum proteins and simple paint. They added some material to a test strip with antibodies specifically designed to recognize different blood groups. The result was displayed as a color change. For example, if the antigen of particular blood group was present in the sample, then the strip became green. If not then it became brown. Approximately in two minutes the test allowed to reveal various rare blood types.

Source: The Daily Mail.