A unique vaccine against cholera will stop the world's epidemics

As "Remedium" notes, Russian researchers are working to create the first domestic recombinant vaccine against cholera. Unlike the already existing medicinal products, the Russian vaccine promises to be safer than analogs. The vaccine against cholera is a project of the State Research Institute of Highly Pure Biopreparations of FMBA of Russia.

It is known: unlike traditional vaccines, the new preparation will be created without the use of fragments of living bacteria. Thus, the use of a recombinant vaccine makes it possible to obtain effective protection with much greater safety. The new vaccine can be used by everyone, including children and people with chronic diseases.

According to statistics, about 4 million cases of cholera are recorded around the world every year. And up to 140,000 people die because of this disease. Endemic foci are located in Africa, South America, India and Southeast Asia. In addition, some tourist destinations (Egypt and some exotic countries) are at a risk of infection. Cholera enters Russia from abroad and gets into water reservoirs along with sewage.

Source: Remedium