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A young immune system is the key to longevity.

According to scientists, a person can maintain his youth only if he has the young immune system. As noted by "Utro.RU", the age-related weakened immunity leads to life-threatening infection complications. Studies of rodents have revealed a deficiency of immune T-cells (T-lymphocytes), forming the basis of immune protection.

These cells attack pathogens and form an immunological memory. According to the scientist of Harvard Medical School, in old mice, lymphocyte activity was reduced, and new cells formed very slowly. In addition, new cells quickly died due to an abnormal metabolism.

This fact prevented them from division and recovering on their own. According to the scientist, the elements of cellular metabolism, including formate and glycine may help to reverse the aging process. These compounds significantly reduce the risk of cell death and stimulate the formation of new ones.

Source: MEDdaily