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Abuse of artificial sweeteners may cause diabetes

Scientists of the Medical School of the University of Adelaide have found that the abuse of artificial sweeteners can affect how the body reacts to sugar. Due to this fact, the risk of development of diabetes type 2 increases. The study involved 27 people, reports.

Some participants took capsules with artificial sweeteners (sucralose or acesulfame) three times a day before meals, and the rest - placebo. The total daily dose of sweeteners was equivalent to that contained in approximately 1.4 liters of dietary beverage.

After 2 weeks, the body began to react to sugar in participants who took capsules with artificial sweeteners, but the participants of the control group did not have such reactions. According to the scientists, the abuse of sweeteners may cause peak blood sugar concentrations in people after eating. Due to this, the risk of diabetes will increase. Experts believe that further research is needed.