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According to scientists, standard blood tests and blind treatment are a thing of the past

In the future, everyone will have a chip with stem cells inside. This chip may actually replace the medical card. It is going to be used to perform laboratory tests and to create a truly personalized medicine (each drug can be tested on such chip without endangering the person). From the biological point of view, the system is as complex as possible. Plus, it has the genetic imprint of the cells owner.This means that tests will be as accurate as possible.

Since the stem cells can be transformed into any cells of the body, the chip will allow to carry out all kinds of research. The chip was made from a flexible polymer. It has microscopic channels with stem cells inside. When nutrient solution enters the channels, the cells begin to develop and grow, as a result they turn into cells of any organ required. Consequently, their testing is identical to the testing on a real organ. This solves the ethical problem, eliminates ineffective therapy and saves time.

As The Daily Mail notes, to get such chip, a little bit of the patient's blood is enough. By the way, scientists have already created "chip organs" - microscopic copies of real tissues and organs of the body. In the future, they will revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry. Today, 30% of drugs simply do not reach clinical trials because of the increased risk of complications for volunteers. Johnson & Johnson Company, one of the leaders of the movement, relies on chips as an alternative to animals testing.

Source: The Daily Mail