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American scientists have created diagnostic underwear,

which watches over patients’ health…

American scientists have created underwear, which measures independently a number of vital indexes, The Daily Mail reports. A report about the development done by a group of specialists headed by Joseph Wang of University of California San Diego is published inThe Analyst, the journal of The Royal Society of Chemistry. Wang's research group has applied carbon sensors on the elastic bands of men’s briefs with screen printing. With their help it is possible to determine the indexes of arterial pressure and heart rate.

In addition, sensors allow measuring the level of skin hydrogen peroxide and NAD coenzyme. Estimating the intensity of oxidative reactions in the organism in such a way it is possible to determine the level of person’s physical activity. 

According to Wang, this new development will be used for control of patients’ health outside medical establishments, for servicemen during operations, as well as sportsmen during competitions. 

It is not the first time when underwear attracted researches’ attention. In particular, there have been previously developed briefs equipped with thermometers, tonometers and even with devices for electrocardiogram registering. 


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