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An aneurysm has been removed by a robotic system for the first time in history

As Xinhua notes, a group of Canadian doctors performed the world's first brain aneurysm surgery by using a robotic system. According to the doctors, the use of robotic technologies may improve the quality of treatment for patients with aneurysm and stroke.

It is reported that a 64-year-old patient with the increased risk of aneurysm rupture has been treated successfully. The operation lasted 2.5 hours. The surgeons of the West Toronto Hospital used a microcatheter with integrated navigation, which was introduced into the body through a small incision in the groin. Its promotion took place under strict x-ray monitoring.

Neuroradiologists have successfully used the robotic system to install a stent to restore the artery, as well as to implant coils that inhibit the aneurysm blood supply. The patient was discharged from the hospital the day after surgery. The system is also suitable for the treatment of ischemic strokes.

Source: Xinhua