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Apparently, biologists have found the right approach to HIV treatment

For the first time the biologists have managed to induce a powerful immune response to animal version of HIV (monkey immunodeficiency virus) in the body of macaques. Two recently discovered antibodies were helped the scientists in this experiment. These two antibodies affect most strains of HIV. The principle is the same as with immunotherapy for cancer - the body begins to control the disease by itself, RIA News reports.

The approach is based on 3BNC117 antibody, which can suppress the reproduction of several strains of HIV. Moreover, the antibody marks the virus and makes it visible for immunity. The antibody attacks an outgrowth on the virus envelope. By means of this outgrowth, the virus attaches itself to the immune cells of the host. This facilitates the contamination. 3BNC117 including new strains of the virus was obtained from the HIV-infected body which resisted infection with an abnormal force. As previous clinical trials have shown, 3BNC117 antibody suppressed the virus for three months, despite the discontinuation of antiretroviral drugs.

Within the framework of the final experiments on animals, the scientists decided to combine 3BNC117 with a broad-spectrum antibody (10-1074). This combination was supposed to give almost complete protection from monkey immunodeficiency virus. In order to make the immunity to fight against the virus by itself, the antibodies needed to be administered in the first days and hours after infection. The combination was injected in high doses to infected macaques.

As a result, the antibodies had inhibited the reproduction of monkey immunodeficiency virus and kept going to do their job for another six months. In the next year and a half, the animals developed a good immune response to monkey immunodeficiency virus. The infection level was reduced sharply to an inconspicuous level and no longer raised, although no treatment was performed. The analysis has

shown that 3BNC117 and 10-1074 had taught CD8+ T-cells that recognize pathogens and control the immune system response, to determine the virus particles and destroy them.

Source: RIA "News".