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Artificial intelligence diagnoses retinal pathology

Ping An Technology has announced the successful completion of a clinical trial of the world's first intelligent retinal disease screening system that uses optical coherent tomography (OCT) technology, a non-contact and non-invasive diagnostic technique that enables high resolution retinal imaging in vivo.

This is the first artificial intelligence-based screening system in the world, which includes a device for visualizing the retina of the eye and software for detecting pathologies.

The clinical study, started in December 2018 and involved 784 people, was carried out in three well-known research centers in China. The accuracy of the new system almost reached 100%.

Given these encouraging results, the company said that artificial intelligence will be extremely useful for medical institutions in the future. The inclusion of artificial intelligence in screening schemes is extremely important for the timely detection of eye diseases that allows to get the maximum benefits from any treatment regimen.