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As it turned out, unusual bacteria are the source of powerful antibiotic

Scientists have discovered a natural antibiotic that can cope with resistant tuberculosis. According to News, for example, in Russia by 2040, more than a third of all cases of tuberculosis will be sustainable. Therefore, a research for new drugs is necessary.

Scientists mark Burkholderia spp. among potential new sources of antibiotics. It can be found in the ground and even in human lungs. These bacteria are highly survival - they produce antibiotics that kill competitors. When scientists have revealed this amazing property of these bacteria, they decided to test them for tuberculosis.

As it turned out, one of the types of such bacteria is Burkholderia gladioli (obtained from the sputum of a child with cystic fibrosis) that produces gladiolun antibiotic. This compound belongs to the same structural class as ethnagen. It is another antibiotic capable to disrupt the bacterial cell mechanisms. But ethnagen is very unstable. But gladiolun is much more stable that’s why it may be the best candidate to become a medicine. Laboratory trials have shown that gladiolun effectively inhibited the growth of four drug-resistant strains of tuberculosis.