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BCG vaccine will be tested for effectiveness against COVID-19

A group of scientists from four countries of the world plans to study the BCG vaccine, which is used worldwide for the prevention of tuberculosis. The scientists believe that the potential of this drug can exceed expectations, considering that the drug has long been used by doctors, and it is cheap and safe.
The researchers believe that the vaccine can boost and stimulate the human immune system, allowing it to resist SARS-COV-2 virus. They want to test their theory by conducting clinical trials involving medical workers and elderly, who are at risk for coronavirus infection.
The Netherlands specialists will be the first to start the research. This week they will vaccinate 1000 doctors from eight hospitals with BCG vaccine, some of them will receive a placebo and will act as a control group. The research information has been published in Science magazine.

Scientists' expectations are supported by data from Danish experts Peter Aaby and Christina Stabell Benn, whose work has shown that the tuberculosis vaccine can increase the body's resistance to a number of bacteria and viruses. Their data suggests that the BCG vaccine is able to prevent any known pathogen infection, including viruses, in the first year after its introduction in 30% of cases.