Biologists have found what helps dangerous bacteria to spread

A sweetener added to sweets, fruit juices, jams, dried and frozen foods, nutritional bars, fruit fillers, instant noodles, rice, white chocolate and other food products can be responsible for the activation of a persistent bacterial infection, The Herald Scotland reports.

Trehalose compound has attracted the attention of the experts. It is metabolized by potentially dangerous bacteria of Clostridium difficile. According to the scientists, it is quite possible that this carbohydrate feeds the world epidemic of resistant infections. In particular, in recent years an active strain of Clostridium difficile is often manifested in Europe and the United States.

It causes severe diseases characterized by a number of characteristic symptoms, such as diarrhea, fever, loss of appetite, nausea and abdominal pain. Professor Robert Britton of Baylor College of Medicine comments: "Clostridium difficile is undoubtedly among the pathogens dominant in Western countries. This new study sheds light on the true cause of the situation."

Source: The Herald Scotland.