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Brain scans showed that depression is not one, but four different diseases

The researchers of Weill Cornell Medical College have studied more than 1,100 fMRI images of healthy people and volunteers with depression. According to Psych Central, the scientists have found biomarkers and identified four subtypes of depression. Perhaps the researchers’ findings will help to develop the new methods of diagnosis of depression.

By abnormal connections in the human brain, the researchers were able to determine the subtype of depression. Each of the four subtypes was connected with particular symptoms of disorder. For example, in the first and fourth subtypes of depression there were observed the most notable disturbances of connections between neurons in the area that regulates the behavior associated with fear. Also this area is responsible for the re-evaluation of negative stimulus.

Experts consider that further studies are necessary. According to the researchers, a biomarkers search and subtypes selection could improve the diagnosis of both depression, and other mental diseases.

Source: МEDdaily