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By means of one drop of blood, a simple test may detect cancer

Only a drop of blood is required for a new test detecting 30-40 biomarkers of the disease. Results can be received within 24 hours. This method will change the diagnosis of bowel cancer. As The Daily Mail notes, some patients will not be subjected to unpleasant and dangerous colonoscopy any more.

Studies have shown that the new method has a high accuracy. By means of this method, 87% of colorectal cancer cases and 83% of polyp cases, which can turn into a cancer tumor and need to be removed, were detected. The existing method allows to identify polyps only in 42% of cases. So, thanks to the test, doctors will be able to prevent the development of bowel cancer.

Experts from the UK are going to analyze 660 blood samples of patients who were intended to colonoscopy after a screening test. If the test is found to be accurate, patients with a low likelihood of colorectal cancer will not be subjected to colonoscopy any more.

Source: The Daily Mail.