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Chronic fatigue syndrome – the devil is in the details

Chronic fatigue syndrome is such a hot topic not only in Europe, but in all countries, even in those, that seem to be quite happy from the point of view of psychological component (I mean countries with more developed spiritual culture like India, Tibet etc.). Why so? Because this syndrome is determined not only by social causes.

In fact, a chronic fatigue syndrome is nothing else but the result of a dysfunctional vegetative nervous system. A vegetative nervous system regulates all the processes in our body without any exception. A human should run, escape, overtake, do some job, it causes the activation of one of the vegetative nervous system components – a sympathetic tone.  What is its function? It is the acceleration of the brain metabolic process that causes the improving of a sensory perception, i.e. human starts seeing and hearing very well, sense organs are tense.

The immune system activates next. Why so? Because our brain, our paleocortex are structured in such a way – if we run, think, create something it implies that we have some kind of danger. The immune system reacts because if some kind of stroke, injury, animal bite suddenly happens with a human as a result of this ‘run’ (if a human escapes from something) he will need an immune system to protect him.

T-lymphocytes (thymus) is produced into blood in a surplus amount and the immune system is in a generated situation, it means that it is in a half-inflamed, half-allergic state.

Next step of the activation or the consequence of the vegetative tone, sympathetic tone activation is, certainly, a peripheral circulation that is implemented by heart rhythm acceleration: heart beats faster, peripheral circulation is strong, microcirculation increases. Along with that, there are some, so to say, negative aspects.

What does it mean? A digestion stops – it is not necessary. When we study a vegetative nervous system in a medical university, professors tell us: ‘imagine that you are running now’. During the run you can’t swallow, drink, eat, defecate, have sex, i.e. these functions are impossible, because they are turned off at this moment. But it is not necessary to run, it is enough just to think, worry, ache, sympathize etc. Get a scare! You had watched a TV and scared that everything would become more expensive tomorrow. It was an excitation of a sympathetictone. A sympathetic tone works and performs all these functions well until cortex has enough dopamine (dopamine is such a matter that conducts impulses in a nervous system), spirerone (known as ‘hormone of happiness’), adrenaline and noradrenaline. If you have enough – everything is excellent. You came, argued with a directorship, reacted, everything came right and then you are calm again. A digestion started working again and everything fell right into place.

And if a human is in a generated situation (i.e. stress) during a long period of time, the organism produces dopamine, spirerone, adrenaline all the time. One day these storages will run out.That is all, they are gone. And if so, a vegetative nervous system is overwrought. The heart is racing. The immune system is aggressive all the time, it starts ‘eating’ itself: allergic disease, head cold, cough, headaches. Brain is working constantly – insomnia. If I fall asleep, I wake up in the morning like I have been sleeping longer, but in fact, I wake up like I didn’t have a rest at all. I don’t feel good.

A human can encourage himself, i.e. give an opportunity to a vegetative nervous system to make a time out. And at this moment you should let dopamine and spirerone accumulate in a brain tissue and then, tomorrow, even this not big reservoir will be enough to meet a stress.

 Source: Eurolab